Close Mouth Pistachio

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What are the Close Mouth Pistachio ?

The name “closed mouth” comes from the fact that this pistachio kernel produces from close mouth pistachio nuts.

This type of pistachio kernel is usually smaller than the kernels of Open-mouth pistachios and has a so-called wrinkled appearance, and the reason for this is that in most cases, the smiling (open-mouth) pistachio kernel is quite large and its surface becomes heavier in the largest volume.

But close-mouth kernels, in addition to not having enough space to grow inside the skin (shell) of the close-mouth pistachio nuts, sometimes some kernels are still wrinkled and invisible from the outside.

First-class quality of closed-mouth pistachio causes the final kernel to be of good quality. And for this we need to identify which pistachio with a close mouth is a first-class pistachio.
In this case, the gram of the kernel should check, that is, how much skin and how much kernel there is in each 100 grams of pistachio.

Of course, for export to different countries, the complete shape of the pistachio kernel may be more important than its large size, and therefore it is necessary to keep the gram of the kernel low, because with this, the pistachio kernel will be smaller inside the skin and inside the cracking device.

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