fandoghi iranian pistachios with shell

Fandoghi pistachio is one of the most important commercial kinds of Persian pistachios production and the most cultivar of Persian pistachio belongs to this kind.fandoghi pistachio have the upper level of export volume of pistachio yearly.generally,all pistachios are categorized into two branch groups: round and long and fandoghi is a member of round pistachio group.

fandoghi pistachio is small in size so accordingly there is  more number of pistachio in 1 kilogram of this kind of pistachio rather than others.

Appearance characteristics

Size: round and small

Shell color: creamy bone color

Nut outer color: purple

Opening shell percentange: very smiling

fandoghi iranian pistachios Usage & Benefits

Fandoghi pistachio can use solely as snack because of its delicious Nut flavor .otherwise this kind of pistachio can have a lot of uses in different industries like as: bakery, confectionary and so on …

Fandoghi pistachio is a good source of protein, antioxidants and fiber.

fandoghi iranian pistachios

Harvesting time & place

Fandoghi pistachio which is the most available type of Persian pistachio is mostly cultivated in kerman province and rafsanjan city .

More than 70 percent of rafsanjan gardens are cultivating this kind of pistachio annually.

The harvesting time for fandoghi pistachio in normally in September and October.

fandoghi pistachios

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