Iranian raisins (Kismis) are probably the best raisin on the planet. Additionally, Iran positions third in raisin sends out.

Raisins are nutritious dried organic products like dried apricots, figs are accessible the entire season. Raisins are a superb wellspring of nutrients and minerals. Persian Raisins have medical advantages for infants.

THArvid , Best dry organic product organization, fares and sell best kinds of Iranian raisins(Golden-Black-Green-Kashmari and Sultana) to everywhere on the world.

Exporting countries of golden raisins

In addition to Iran, countries such as Cyprus, Iraq, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Spain, India, the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait export golden raisins . Iran is the third largest exporter of raisins in the world. At present, Iran is the first exporter of golden raisins.

Important points in the export of Iranian golden raisins

Iranian golden raisins have a large number of applicants all over the world. To make a food . more attractiveand convert it to a export product You have to follow the tips

Tips such as beautiful packaging, food specifications, expiration date, etc

Th Arvide and export of Golden Iranian raisins

Tharvide professional in exporting raisins, dates, pistachios, etc. and has exported Iranian products to many countries. Many reputable golden raisin factories export their products through Tharvide. By employing professional experts and strong foreign relations, this company has been able to communicate with many foreign countries and export products such as Iranian golden raisins

All you require about Raisins, Iranian Raisins, and Raisins benefits is here.

Sorts of Iranian Raisins

Raisins are a decent wellspring of nutrients and supplements in the body like iron, potassium, calcium and B nutrients. Other stunning properties of raisins are hostile to malignant growth. Raisins are valuable in treating coronary illness and bringing down pulse and are additionally helpful for diabetic patients.

Likewise, Raisins upgrade nerves and eye wellbeing. Raisins are low in sugar, helpful for tooth and gum wellbeing.

Raisins, because of fiber, forestall colon malignancy and are likewise powerful in controlling glucose.

Eating a couple of raisins daily aides help memory and consequently protect individuals from Alzheimer’s sickness.

Green Raisins

Green raisins are truly outstanding and most alluring sorts of raisins. This raisin has a delightful green tone and a remarkable taste that is most popular among all raisins. These are a portion of the interesting highlights of this item.

Two techniques are utilized to deliver green raisins.

The primary strategy is the utilization of cold emulsions, which is a combination of specific rates of potassium carbonate and raisin oil.

The grapes are cleaned in the wake of collecting and drenched in an emulsion arrangement. At that point the drying interaction is proceeded for 1 to 2 seconds, contingent upon the sort of grapes devoured for raisins.

In the subsequent technique, the sulfur powder is filled a little plate and consumed. The raisins are then presented to smoke.

Green Raisin benefits

Raisins are appropriate for all ages. In any event, for pregnant and moderately aged kids and ladies.

Raisins have cancer prevention agent properties that are helpful for early maturing. Green raisins forestall osteoporosis and are exceptionally valuable in menopausal ladies. It is additionally helpful in forestalling stoppage.

Brilliant Raisins

Brilliant or yellow raisins are a standout amongst other traded raisins in Iran. Likewise, Golden raisins have two sorts, grainy and grainless.

Brilliant Raisin benefits

One of the significant properties of brilliant raisins is their sugar. Different properties of raisins are cancer prevention agents. As indicated by certain articles, the cell reinforcements in raisins are fixed with a specific measure of sulfur smoke. Brilliant raisin is one of the primary fare natural and best Iranian raisin because of its appealing shape and rust.

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