Which one is better for a diabetes diet , Date or Raisins

Sweet things are eaten with tea in numerous nations. At the point when you don’t have diabetes, you never consider the degree of sugar in organic products, yet in the event that you include diabetes you need to think about the best eating routine. We picked three mainstream leafy foods them to comprehend which one is best for diabetics to remember for their day by day diet.

Are Dates Good or Harmful for Diabetics?

Diabetic patients are hesitant to eat dates since they think dates increment the glucose level. Luckily, various examinations have demonstrated that such an idea is totally off-base, this investigation shows that in spite of high sugar, they have a low glycemic record and don’t expand glucose subsequent to eating.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have diabetes, it is important to counsel a specialist prior to adding dates to your eating regimen.

Dates are wealthy in fiber that helps bring down the blood cholesterol level and Prevents stoutness, coronary illness, and colorectal malignancy. in view of studies fiber found in dates are a sort of insoluble fiber that joins to fat and cholesterol and eliminates it from the body.

Dates can decrease fatty substance by 8 to 15 percent. Moreover, decreasing fatty oil can bring down the danger of vein solidifying and Cerebrovascular mishaps and cardiovascular failures.


Dates contain a kind of vitamins and potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. The approximate weight of each date is 8 g.

Recommended Daily Intake: Just one date per serving, No more than three dates in a day. There are over 300 varieties of dates just in Iran, and it is wrong to assume that they are all similar in nutritional information. For example, some fresh dates can be up to 20 percent fewer calories than dried dates. Every 100 grams of fresh dates contain 145 calories, whereas all 100 grams of dried dates contain 280 calories,

Of course, calorie intake is not the only matter that the difference between all kinds of dates is determined. Researches also display differences in the amount of sugar and minerals between the types of dates.

If you don’t have an underlying disease like diabetes, you don’t need to be very obsessive about choosing dates. As long as we consume a few numbers of dates every day, these insignificant differences will not have much of an effect.

The Glycemic index of dates, whatever they drier and sweeter gets higher. It is better to consult your doctor about the dates you want to consume and consider that if they have a low Glycemic index, you should not overdo consume them.


Raisins are by and large poor in nutrient yet they have a few measures of minerals like Phosphorus and Potassium. The inexact load of every raisin is between half to one gram.

Suggested Daily Intake: A limit of little raisins is 15 or 10 dried currants. Notice: burning-through in excess of 20 grams of raisins isn’t encouraged.

You may imagine that because of the enormous assortment of raisins, it would not be feasible to place them in one classification. The truth of the matter is that raisins are altogether different in appearances in any case, when we notice their dietary data, the distinctions aren’t to such an extent. For example, dried currants’ calories are just around 10% higher than raisins.

Diabetes and Raisins

The glycemic record in Raisins is higher than dates, subsequently, it’s better patients with diabetes care about burning-through them and ought not try too hard. At the point when we have diabetes, it’s critical to know the nourishing subtleties of food sources.

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